My Bright Blue Sky

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

101 townships to discover, 101 townships to visit. Each of them has its own features, history, wounds, food, customs and traditions. But they share the subtle charm of being part of Málaga. Sierras and Mare Nostrum, coast and hinterland, mountains and beaches… Dichotomies that seem to blend in Málaga, a province where everything is there, at hand’s reach. The aroma of skewered fish mixes with the smell of rockroses, the marinated dogfish you eat by the sea fuses with the goat stew in the sierras, warm sand and high mountains come together… All these things coexist under the bright blue sky; hence the name of this blog whose posts I begin writing today: The Bright Blue Sky –a common mirror for 101 townships whose reflections can be seen in it. From my watchtower over the Mediterranean Sea, I’ll set my foreign eyes on the ins and outs of this province, where I’ve been living since December 2006. My homeland is colder and rainier. Maybe this is why I’m still surprised when I wake up in the morning to a Bright Blue Sky. Welcome to my blog. Welcome to this personal journey full of transferable experiences.